A Bit of a Hurdle

I usually look forward to this time of year.

Four months of pruning finally comes to an end, the blossoms on the stone fruit orchards come out, daylight saving hits and the days get longer and warmer. And you get smacked in the face with a real fitness test on the vineyards: rearranging the foliage wires for the start of the new season.

Hiking up and down vineyards - who needs a gym?!

Hiking up and down vineyards – who needs a gym?!

Usually I look forward to it, exercise is always good and we often joke we don’t need an expensive gym membership because vineyard work is an all over body work out. So I returned to work just in time to begin wire rearranging and it also was the week I began training for the Northburn ultra marathon. I’m so buggered I can’t focus to write this post!

Last week I managed three early morning runs before heading off to work. It was pretty hard to make myself get out of bed those mornings when it was still dark outside. 40minutes and 6.6km each time along the lake edge before starting work at 8am, and then go hiking around vineyards for the next 8 hours, it’s a lot to ask of one’s body!! And then when the vineyard crew starts work at 7.30am and then 7am as the mornings get lighter and the days get hotter…. does that mean I’ll have to get up and go running at 5am as my running load increases…?

6.30am skies

6.30am skies

I’m psyching myself out already!

But I’m still making progress!

MapMyFitness Workout Log

MapMyFitness Workout Log

Until next time, thanks for reading!

2 responses to “A Bit of a Hurdle

  • leighultra

    Hey Brenda, keep up the good work with your training you are doing really well. Lisa Tamati has some really good work out clips on Youtube. They are full of great training advise. Loving your posts and pics

    • brendajstringer

      I read your post about finding your happy place again. I thought it was super awesome how you got in touch with Lisa Tamati.
      It such a struggle to train when my job is already so physical! I whipped out a 14km run in the weekend without having run at all during the week. Now I’m considering running in the Cromwell half marathon Labour Weekend. I’ll be writing a post at some stage about what a balancing act it is to train and work on vineyards. What do other people do for a living that enables them to run for like an hour every day?!! Oh for an office job!

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